Teaching needs teachers…funnily enough!

I’m not one to say, ‘I told you so,’ but it comes as no surprise to me that the first school in the country to be led by a person with no classroom experience has just been put into special measures again.

Richard Rose Academy in Carlisle, Cumbria had Peter Noble appointed chief executive in 2008. He was previously a health service manager!

Why are we not surprised that an NHS pen pusher, who’d never taught a single lesson, was unable to run a school? This is testimony to the necessity for teachers and school leaders to have been trained by other  experienced teaching professionals. It is also inexcusable to think a school leader could succeed without, at the very least, three to five years class based experience. In my view, it takes five years to fully get to grips with teaching children properly, after that you’re still learning new things too (or you should be!) How can an individual hope to lead teachers without understanding and experiencing what teaching is? They can’t!

The likes of Gove need to wake up and understand that schools are not businesses and will fail if you try to make them into corporate institutions run by  big shot ‘managers.’

3 thoughts on “Teaching needs teachers…funnily enough!

  1. patrickjdainley

    Trouble is Gove doesn’t care – he is aiming at ‘Great Reversal’ of not only going back to 50s but privatising state schools. Even if he did care, you would never persuade him that schools and other public services are not best run as businesses cos he is a True Believer in the Madness of Markets and Faith does not need evidence or argument to refute it. P

  2. Anyone who knows about teaching young children history would know that they understand history that is closer to them much more easily. For them a thousand years might as well be a hundred! This is why we have traditionally taught the ‘near histories” to young children like the Victorians and the Tudors. There’s lots of historical places still to visit and a greater breadth of archives and artefacts to access so the children understand and relate to it more easily. Gove is not an educationalist and therefore wouldn’t understand this. Anyone who knows anything would have done the history curriculum the other way around, if they wanted such a prescribed, ‘old boy,’ imperialist curriculum anyway that is!

    P.s Please give my email address to Trevor. I’ve tried to email him, but it keeps bouncing back?

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