Science made simple…

As for being a deeper and more rigorous science curriculum, yet again I find the very latest offering everything but this.

Now nine and ten year olds should be taught to, ‘notice that we hear with our ears’? Really? Are we expected to believe this is the great up-scaling of science learning in primary schools?

Perhaps Gove really is trying to introduce a ‘wet lettuce’ national curriculum so we’ll all fall on our knees pleading to become academies to get away from it. This does however seem a little far fetched, besides schools can always add to the curriculum, they merely need to ensure they cover this basic entitlement.

However, my worry is that with science it’s usual for teachers not only to find themelves strapped for time to teach everything they should, but it’s unlikely that they will have the time (or head space) to extend the science curriculum under their own steam. Anyone who works in a school would know this. Teachers are spinning so many plates, they don’t usually have the band width to check the size or shape of the them. And how many schools will rewrite their science curriculum when the other core subjects are biting at their heels?

My feeling is that if the National Curriculum is the minimum entitlement for the nation’s children it should be so much more than this. Our children deserve more.

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