That’s why science is so much fun for kids because it’s like magic,  accept we can allow them to sneak behind the curtain and learn all the magician’s tricks. No glue here, only nature’s forces at work!

2 thoughts on “Abracadabra!

    1. Ok, it’s really weird but it’s all resting on a toothpick! First join two folks together with their prongs.
      Then squeeze in a toothpick between the prongs. Then rest the toothpick on the rim of the glass with the folks curved inwards. Next
      get a match and set light to the end of the toothpick on the glass side and it will burn away to the rim. What your’re
      left with is what looks like an impossible feat of balance, the folks appear to be floating almost in mid air.

      I showed it to my teenage son and he was fascinated, he had to try it himself of course.

      As far as the science is concerned, I believe that once the toothpick with folks attached is rested on
      the rim of the glass, the whole thing suddenly has one centre of gravity, which is in the glass. When the toothpick is
      burnt down, it’s so small that amazingly this doesn’t affect the whole object’s centre of gravity and
      so the folks stay, in fact they are fairly stable. We even picked up the glass and they stayed.
      Anyway, a bit of fun, which really makes science exciting! Try it, funny party trick!

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