The New Science Curriculum

Here’s the Powerpoint from the last inset I gave to Lewisham Science Subject Leaders.

Teaching science under the new curriculum powerpoint

It was such a pleasure to spend the day with you all and share all our ideas about the best way forward for primary science.The more we all work together the better it’ll be. It’s time teachers took ownership of teaching and stopped having government ‘things’ dropped on us! I hope this is useful for those who want to go over what we discussed or if you need to show it to others to go over the main changes in the new curriculum. My grateful thanks to Julia Miller who’s given me lots of great advice and of course Stuart Naylor – the master of primary science!

4 thoughts on “The New Science Curriculum

  1. Robert Shilton

    Beth – really intrigued by your two Powerpoints (teaching science in the new curriculum/creating child-led enquiry based curriculum). I have to lead a science inset to all staff next month (my first one!) and wanted to go down the route of ‘curiosity/starting with questions’ which I hoped would lead on to building and using data collection/presentation and discussing how it might this might inform our future planning. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi there. Interesting. I think I have a paper I wrote for my MA on my blog too about child led science enquiry. That might help because it researches how to do that while following the curriculum. It also has all the planning in the appendices. I can email it to you if you can’t find it in there. For me , teachers should really only start planning properly when they find out what pupils already know and what they want to find out. Trouble is teachers are always pushed for time so they tend to grab unit plans and just teach. This is what makes science boring and more about ‘delivering’ rather than inspiring pupils scientifically. Anyway, let me know if I can help more.

      1. Robert Shilton

        Actually, I think I have found it after delving down deeper! Also – is it possible for you to email the PPT version of the ‘creating child-led enquiry’ that you used at the Lewisham Forum in June please? I can only access the PDF version and would like a copy that can be edited and re-used. Kind regards, Robert. Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2015 20:41:57 +0000 To:

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