Post-it friends

This morning my class had a lot of success giving each other ‘tips for success’ during the lesson. They decided to call it ‘post-it marking’ !



Some wonderful writing and shared understanding of quality!

2 thoughts on “Post-it friends

  1. Nick Jenkins

    Dear Beth,

    I have been reading your blog with interest. I work at a 3-18 college in Portsmouth and am responsible for Junior Science. The college is independent so we can be slightly more flexible with the curriculum. Essentially Years 1 to 4 will be following the new NC and Years 5 to 6 will be doing a bespoke curriculum (a mix of NC/CE).

    I really like your assessment ladders which I will be using/adapting. I see these as more assessment for learning during class teaching. Do you recommend anything for summative assessments/assessment of learning? We currently use rising stars which is based on the defunct levels.



    1. Hi there Nick

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner – it’s been very busy.

      For summative assessment I recommend small unit tests for the science subject knowledge and rising stars are fine for that. However, to assess working scientifically – this should have been carried out formatively throughout the year. In order to assess how far a child is being ‘scientific’ and using the skills of a scientist, this just can’t be assessed in a test, though many might try, certainly the DfE sample tests do. I say to my teachers to use the ‘working scientifically’ part for each phase group as the core assessment, ticking and annotating over the year.

      Does that make sense?

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