I’m an Assistant Head Teacher and doctoral candidate at IOE/UCL in London. I am researching how different conceptualisations of knowledge might intersect and possible outcomes for pedagogy and practice. In simple terms, I want to make primary science teaching (and teaching in general) easier and better!
I’m interested in my pupils’ and teachers’ learning, but also my own. I’d like to think I’ll never stop learning. Hopefully along the way, I’ll help others learn too.

After quite a few years teaching now, I think I know a little about learning and how it happens, yet I’m still often surprised and awed at just how human beings make meaning out of the world around them. One thing I’m sure of though is that teaching, trying get children to learn, is becoming harder and infinitely more complex. A lot is expected of us. We must share good practice and come together as a profession. We must weather the storms of political change, those ideological whirl winds that so often leave us scratching our heads and sighing as we start all over again. What we must always hold dear is learning and recognise ourselves as members of a professional learning community capable of adapting and evolving continually.

All enquires and to contact me: bbudden.209@lgflmail.org

2 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Dorothy Hallam

    Hi Beth
    Enjoyed the training today. Realised I don’t have your email address. You said you would have a think about my lesson observation next week. It’s a Reception class, Science, focus on differentiation. Our topic is Transport and we had planned to do cooking (transport shaped biscuits). I could change it to something else tho if you have a better idea. We had originally thought of doing an investigation with cars and ramps. We’ve looked at different types of transport and done junk modelling, duplo etc. Lots of play with construction. Mechanics workshop and car wash for role play. any ideas would be great. Thanks.

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