Out with the old, bring in the new?

There is much confusion out there regarding the introduction of the new curriculum. I suggest it’s time to sit tight and observe, sometimes the most productive act when utter bewilderment takes hold. However, along with long periods of gawping at verbose government documents that lead you in ever tightening circles, I have also found solace in some good old sorting and classifying. I’ve made a table!

Please find here a table which attempts to clarify the impending situation. Note that in theory only those disapplied year groups can stop teaching the present curriculum. Panic!? I know, don’t worry. This might be more relevant (and worrying) to the English and Mathematics curricula, however, science leaders need to take a breath and keep calm. If you look at the programme of study for disapplied year groups, which begins with years 3 and 4, you might find that they are not that different from what was there before for those year groups anyway. What this might mean is that, for science at least, primary schools are better off having all year groups stick to the old curriculum (QCA facilitated or otherwise) than having two year groups doing their own thing? This is especially since even now changes are being made to the curriculum, and who wants to plan twice…let alone once?
So, it’s a funny, old time…I hope this helps. Click on the link below, for a dazzling, all singing integration table! Any other advice would be most welcome!

Old and new primary science curriculum integration