Developing child-led science in primary schools


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Here’s a paper  (click below) I’ve just done on teachers enabling pupils to follow their own lines of enquiry in science, effectively building their own curriculum. Before there’s a panic about coverage – I’ve also tried to tackle the meeting of NC requirements at the same time. Anyway, I know it’s a long read, and academic, but give it a go if you care about primary science! Ignore a lot of the appendices – some of them purely for the IOE side.

Would be interesting to try to take this approach with other areas of the curriculum, although perhaps not for all subjects? Can’t see how it would work for English and Maths, for example. That’s the trouble with our approach sometimes, we try to treat all subjects the same way, when they originate from very different disciplines. Science, by its very nature, certainly lends itself to this appraoach and it would be refreshing if teachers had a go at this, especially with the new curriculum freedoms. Come on! Try it!

Primary Science Currciulum Development Project