Putting the ahhhh into reading!

I enjoyed rewriting some of our literacy circle activities with my class today.

I introduced the system of these group carousel reading activities at the start of the term. Each group has a folder with a range of different reading activities – from summarising, plot deduction, character deduction, word meanings/usage and scanning for info etc. Using the text they read with me previously they all do a different activity then report back to each other. Next time we read we discuss their activities too before moving on with the text.

Today we looked at each activity. I asked them what they liked about it and what they felt worked well. Using their ideas we rewrote a few, either simplifying them or adding extra parts, but some they said we’re perfect as they were. A couple they said they found tricky, one boy piped up and said – ‘but that’s what you need to work on then’. Everyone agreed to keep that activity (which was summarising the last pages read in only a few bullet points). We practised together summarising parts of a text we know well and when I asked again whether we should keep that activity they were adamant we should.

Imagine that… eight olds so eager to learn. Everyone so invested in it all. They literally ran to their reading tables. Sometimes teaching is glorious! 

And by the way, that by product of engagement and agency: great reading level progress too. Though that’s not what cheers me at all – it’s the nagging I get from my class if we ever miss reading!