Science Assessment for the present currciulum

Some people have asked for my assessment booklet for the present curriculum. This might also help in the transition between the two curricula. It is quite a hefty booklet to impose on teachers, they might freak out at first! Some people I know have just given the skills sections to their teachers to use for the year. Really the booklet looks scarier than it is considering that it’s for levels so teachers may only use one or two pages for each strand for their class.

I think one thing the document shows is how much there was in this present science curriculum and how levels did mess with the science in a lot of ways – I prefer the new science curriculum (aaah look, now I said it out aloud) and I prefer my new individual pupil sheets. You’ll note that I’ve  made individual science enquiry assessment sheets for this curriculum which are here on my blog – more user friendly and for pupils too – always better. Anyway, present whole class curriculum assessment booklet below to click on:

Science Assessment Passport