New Primary Science Individual Assessment Ladders Years 1-6

I have put together these individual pupil assessment ladder sheets for Years 1 -6.  I envisage these being in the back of pupils’ science books/folders and used as a working public document open to pupils and parents to view and teachers to tick off etc .  It might be that an element of pupil/peer use could also be incorporated into their use – this would be a good long term goal…ultimate self assessment! This is very much in line with the whole assessment for learning agenda where there are no ‘teachers secrets’ i.e  ‘I know what you need to do, but you’ll only find out what it is and if you can do it when I tell you.’ This has defined poor teaching for too long.  Anyway, don’t get me started there….

Please let me know if these are useful and if you spot any errors!  Believe me, all that typing and tabling can be very tiresome!

Click below and enjoy!

Year 1 Individual Pupil Science Assessment Record

Year 2 Individual Pupil Science Assessment Record

Year 3 Individual Pupil Science Assessment Record

Year 4 Individual Pupil Science Assessment Record

Year 5 Individual Pupil Science Assessment Record

Year 6 Individual Pupil Science Assessment Record

11 thoughts on “New Primary Science Individual Assessment Ladders Years 1-6

  1. Fabulous!!! Do you have any links or ideas for mixed age yr groups? Our school has mixed years: yr1, yr1/2, yr 2, 3, 3/4 4, 5, 5/6, 6. The difficulty is making sure the coverage is there for all without repetition or omission.

    1. Interesting question. Could you use the pupil assessment sheets as phase assessment sheets? Here all the children could have both sheets for the phases 1/2. 3/4 etc. As for the teaching of yearly programmes of study I assume there would be a rolling cycle across the topics so that pupils didn’t get taught the same topic twice? How do you work the science now? I’ve only taught in straight year groups. I’ll keep thinking about it. You might have to just chop up the programmes of study that’s all, not too hard to do.

  2. Sue

    Beth, these are great. We teach in mixed age classes and I have devised a 2 yr rolling programme for the new curriculum. I’m sure many changes will take place. There is no reason why these sheets couldn’t be used eg if 5 & 6 are working together following the 2 yr programme the teacher will indicate where the children are at in their learning. Some Y5 will meet the Y6 objectives, others might not. I think that would work. I’ll run it past my Y5/6 teacher.

  3. Rachel

    Hi Beth, these are sooooooo helpful, thank you so much! How do you track the children’s progress in Science? I am being steered into creating an excel document with numbers 1, 2, 3 for working towards, achieving and working beyond so we can track children’s progress and attainment. What do you think?

    1. Whatever you do make it easy for the teachers. I’m about the write the science assessment ladders for our online assessment system so we’re all paperless. It’s part of Learning Laddders? You can find them on google. However, the excel sheet sounds good but make the teachers are backed up with understanding what the criteria mean and what it the learning looks like. It’s easy to tick things but harder to teach, learn and assess it! Happy to send young the new ladders when I update them.

  4. Marilyn

    This looks really good Beth. Thanks for sharing. Im just in the embryonic stage of developing an assessement without levels for our Primary and your sheets look really useful. How successful have your online assessment learning ladders been?

  5. Daisy

    We use something similar in our books. But how do you track progress and check how many children are on track. Or percentage of boys etc?

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